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Missions: B4 Educational Implications

My neighbors went to Crete and Venice this summer.

Before they went, they not only made all of their travel arrangements online, they used the Internet to find out where they were going and what to do when they got there.

Now we need to teach our students how to use the Internet for pre-everything, including pre-learning.

Students can learn enough to create a list of questions.

Students can walk in to a place (or a book) with some notion of what it is about so they have already leveled-up!

Have you ever seen Mona Lisa Smiles?  Julia Roberts plays the lead and she starts her first lecture in Art History with a slide show.  When she asks students if they are familiar with the first image, they all are.  She asks, “Have any of you taken Art History before?”  None of them have; they’ve done their homework.  They “leveled-up”.

If we let kids do this, they will grow so much farther than we expect.

Any problems with this?  Yep!  They might ONLY go to the website.  They might not know how to evaluate the website and they might use information that is not verifiable.

So the lessons have to be created so that the enhancement can be measured.


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