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Missions: B3, Websites Revisited

B3 – How were the two online research experiences different?  Which type of research (pre or post  visits) was more motivating for you?

When I looked at at the websites before I went, I did not have anything to hook information to.  It was interesting and it helped to have a picture in my mind when I actually went to the places and it was kind of nice to get a little background information.  It certainly helped me know what to look for.  And helped me formulate some questions.

It was way more fun to go off on my own … I Google-Earthed and Google-Mapped the places where I was going so that I could see where they were and how to get there.  It drew my interest to see where they sit in CA – especially in relation to other things I know (like home and the ocean).

Regarding the research:  I am a computer teacher.  I am also the webmaster for our school.  And a genealogist with about a  billion hours of research experience. Reading the website was kind of painful – most of these websites are out of date in their style, though the information is fine.  Here is an example:  On the cuca. K12 website, see those boxes?  Those are tables with cellpadding and cellspacing set to about 5 with the borders showing.  Nobody does that anymore.  (  It’s unsophisticated.

However, I enjoyed taking the little quiz on that site (they call it Graphic Tour)  – the visit made me want to learn more!  I got an A on the test  (I cheated, looking everything up again as I went along).  It’s so hard anymore to memorize things when we know that if we need it, the information is available with a click on a phone.

When I got home, I was much more interested in some of the details – I found this sentence the Wikipedia site to be rather shocking: “As with the other California missions, Mission Santa Cruz served as a site for ecclesiastical conversion of natives”.  We don’t think of it that way – the pretty little missions that the 5th graders built ….  are they taught that it was good to convert someone else?  I wonder how teachers handle that now – it seems so wrong to me (I’m a liberal)!

Truth is, there aren’t really any modern websites about this topic.  I did a bunch of research and found very little … I linked a couple of sites to the blog.

In my after-visit research, I enjoyed this interesting fact about Santa Cruz: “Historic Garden was begun over the old Mission burial grounds in tribute to our Native American brothers and sisters.” ( “


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