About Me

My name is Margaret Tomer Rummens.  I am a teacher at Harbor High in Santa Cruz, CA.  I taught history for 14 years and now teach E-Literacy which is a course about using modern technology.  It is taught to all freshmen at our school.

I LOVE history.

My favorite thing on earth is to stand where something happened.

I’m not all that good with remember details, but I know the story and I like to go where the story happened and imagine what it was like.

I especially like the story of the British Kings.

I am a genealogist with almost 3000 names on my family tree website: tomer.tribalpages.com

Interesting things in my (historical) background: One of my relatives was murdered at Camp Algerine near Sonora during the Gold Rush.  I have an ancestor (Adam Tomer) who lost an arm in the Civil War.  I am descended from John Rhinehart Tomer who was born in Maryland in 1730 – when it was just a colony.  I could be in DAR if I wasn’t so liberal.  I am related to the Morningstar family who came from Hungary in 1848 (thank goodness, since they were Jewish).

I took this course so I could move up on the pay scale at work since they gave us 4 furlough days.  Also, I go places in CA all the time so I know where everything is and I’ve probably been there already!

I wanted to see the mission in Carmel again and I’ve never been to the one in Santa Cruz so this was a good excuse to go.  I’ve been to San Juan Bautista – I am a member of Find A Grave and a family member requested a photo from there so I went out to take the photo and also visited the site (this is a Donner Party place).